Our Services

Formulation Development

Our scientists are highly skilled in the development of trouble-free formulation. Good formulation development starts with well planned development protocols. The formulation development at Pharma-Med Inc. is ready to transform your concept into a commercial product. At Pharma-Med Inc. we are involved not only in conventional tableting, capsule and coating technologies, but also specialize in Gum Drug Delivery Systems and ODT technologies.


At Pharma-Med Inc. the blending/granulation process involves understanding a homogenous mixing process, which requires particle-particla interaction studies and other research. We always put science in our formulation work.

Conventional Tableting and Encapsulation

Our final blend products is tableted with the understanding of compression profile of the final tablets. This enables us to overcome future scale-up issues. Our encapsulation work involves statistical experimental design to understand tapping pin, dosing disc, scraper bled, sensor eye, flowablity and other parameters.

Oral Disintegrate Tablet (ODT)

The ODT formulations involve understanding crumbling, swelling, palatability and easy packaging and other studies.

Test Masking

Some API's (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) that is incorporated into dosage form requires test masking, At Pharma-Med Inc. we are equipped with a list of technologies to mask any unpleasant taste.

Gum Drug Delivery

At Pharma-Med Inc. we pioneer in formulating and troubleshooting the Gum Drug Delivery System.

The technology of the Gum Drug Delivery System is unique from conventional drug delivery system.

The Gum Drug delivery systems start with understanding the rheological phenomena of the gum process. This unique drug delivery system requires an understanding of drug release (mastication study), which is influenced by various factors. At Pharma-Med Inc. we are equipped with the knowledge to tackle your gum formulation problems.